Autism Spectrum Conditions Service (ASC)

North East Lincolnshire Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) Diagnostic & Assessment Service

The ASC service has a primary role of providing assessments recommended by NICE for service users with a suspected Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Most individuals who are referred to the service suspect they may have Asperger’s Syndrome. The individual may be experiencing social isolation, difficulties in daily living, and moderate mental health issues or behavioural difficulties.

What do we do?

We are an Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) Diagnostic and Assessment Service for Adults with suspected ASC working in partnership with Open Door.

Once an individual is referred to the service they are added to our waiting list. They will be asked to complete screening questionnaires whilst on the waiting list.  Each individual will attend an initial assessment with an Assistant Psychologist. Following this assessment the individual will attend an appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist who will conduct a standardised clinical interview. If a diagnostic decision cannot be reached the individual may need to complete further testing.

A diagnostic report will be completed for all individuals who come through the service and they will access a one-off post-diagnostic support clinic with an Assistant Psychologist. Following this, individuals will be discharged from the service.

Service users must 18 years or above and must be registered at a GP in North East Lincolnshire.

We continue to hold a waiting list for the service due to the limited capacity and funding of the team. We estimate that individuals will be seen for an initial assessment approximately 3 months after referral


Key documents 

Asperger’s Syndrome Service Video from Open Door:

Click here to download our information leaflet

Click here to download our ‘What is Autism?’ information leaflet



How do I access the Autism Spectrum Conditions Service?

There are 2 ways of accessing the ASC Diagnostic service:

Individuals can be referred to the ASC service by any healthcare professional including GPs. If you are a Professional wanting to make a referral please contact the team or alternatively please contact Single Point of Access (SPA).

(01472) 256256

If you suspect you may have Autism or you are a parent of an individual who may have Autism you can self-refer via Babs McClellan at Open Door for a screening assessment of Autism.

(01472) 722009

How do I contact the Autism Spectrum Conditions Service?

ASC Diagnostic & Assessment Service,
Open Door,
Albion Street,
DN32 7DL
(01742) 722000 ext 115

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