Dual Diagnosis Service

The Dual Diagnosis Service provides support and treatment for those who are living with a mental health illness as well as experiencing substance misuse or dependence.  


What services do we offer?

The dual diagnosis team assess people who may otherwise fall between services by using proactive assessment techniques and evidenced based interventions. Our practitioners provide integrated treatment using Motivational Interviewing techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Integrated Treatment to facilitate change, supporting individuals towards the concept of changing their use of substances.

A clinic is held each Wednesday morning at Harrison House where service users are reviewed by the team’s consultant psychiatrist, along with their key worker. Their circumstances are reviewed and a comprehensive plan is created together.

how do i access the dual diagnosis service?

The Dual Diagnosis team only take referrals from individuals who are already involved with mental health services. If you are and think you might benefit from the team’s support please speak to your care co-ordinator.

If you have any queries you can contact the team with the details below.

(01472) 256256

how do i contact the dual diagnosis service?

Harrison House

Peaks Lane


DN32 9RP

(01472) 252366
You can contact the service lead, Gary Bryars, directly on 07710 398089

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