Membership Representative Election 2019

Register your interest by 28th June 2019

Why become a NAViGO membership representative?

Represent your fellow members, influence service development and have your say on how services are run by standing for this year’s membership representative election and become a voice for ‘Your Membership.’

Meaningful involvement of people who use (or have used) services is recognised by NAViGO, its leadership team and staff, as an essential part of mental health service delivery.

What do the member representatives do?

The role of the representatives is to encourage membership involvement so that representation is as broad as we can make it. It is shaped by the people who have been elected.

As well as being a paid position, reps are nominated, voted for and elected by members of NAViGO and so there is a level of expectation that the reps will fulfil the minimum requirements of their duty.

Some of the duties of an elected representative include:

  • Regularly attend the Membership Board on a monthly basis and feedback to the wider membership.
  • Stimulating debate about service developments, changes to services, voting on schemes etc.
  • Raising awareness about what is going on and bringing back constructive opinions, be they positive or negative.
  • Encouraging people to have meaningful involvement and engagement in the membership and its activities.
  • Promoting NAViGO and the membership to everyone and anyone.
  • Meeting regularly with the other representatives to share knowledge.

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