Mike’s Blog | “We need to be united as a family as we develop”

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Mike’s Blog | “We need to be united as a family as we develop”

“NAViGO was created to segregate mental health services from the larger organisations, such as NLAG, in order for its core principle – ‘Providing award-winning services that we would be happy for our family to use’ – to be maintained and implemented.

This philosophy is at the forefront of my mind every working day. I am passionate that this simple statement is upheld and will continue to be central to the care delivered the NAViGO family.

I use the word ‘family’ as it creates a sense of belonging. We all belong to a group that is constantly striving for improvement by reflecting, adapting and evolving – all for the same ultimate goal.

Many of you, like me, have been part of NAViGO since its inception and – as many of you know – it’s a massive part of my life. I am proud of our services and our ethics. We employ such a fantastic workforce that have many great ideas and aspirations.

The services we provide now were only a possibility a few years ago. We are constantly improving services that, in turn, have had a positive impact on people’s lives: NAViGO Extra, ADHD and Autism services and the Perinatal Mental Health service to name but a few.

Care needs to be at the forefront in the way these services are delivered. So, the question we must ask ourselves is, “Do the staff care and do the service users feel that they are being cared for?”

As we go forward into the new financial year, I would like to re-establish our philosophy.  I would like everyone to be involved in nurturing NAViGO. I welcome any new concepts and ideas and encourage you to bring them to me. I would like everyone to feel that they have a voice and know their voice will be heard.

We need to be united as a family – a cohesive force – as we move onto the next chapter.

In the last month alone, we’ve been approached with several ideas. These have included improvements within IAPT, new ways of working for junior doctors and reviewing the structure and function of rehab services to make them more psychologically intertwined.

Most of these ideas haven’t come from managers, but from you. In fact, some managers may not be aware of them yet. Sadly, I’m not able to be on the frontline on a daily basis so I rely upon those that are for feedback and suggestions. It’s so important to me that you feel you’re able to do this, as it will guide us to keep caring at the forefront of our philosophy.

NAViGO is growing and in doing so it may at times lose sight of the reason it was conceived in the first place. I, for one, won’t forget and will work with all of you to keep that central in our minds.

NAViGO staff

Many changes will continue to impact our day-to-day work, such as changes in estate, senior management restructure, people coming and people leaving. This happens within all families and, as such, the family – held together by trust and love – will move forward with the changing world.

Broken families implode. We are lucky – we are not broken.

We have limited staffing pressures and only a minor financial challenge. All services will grow – either through investment or through new ways of working. This is where you can all be involved.

How do we grow? In what direction, and by what means?

Please help and support me with this growth. I can’t promise all things will happen, but I’m prepared, as are my teams, to listen to your ideas.

On a final note, at the end of March we have a two-day conference focusing on ‘Positive Practice in Mental Health’. This has had such positive interest that it is almost a “sell-out”. If you wish to attend, please express your interest as soon as possible.

Our focus areas are Older Peoples, IAPT, Psychology and Psychiatry – four areas that have been delivering amazing services but have, in the normal NAViGO way, just ‘got on with it’. These services have been chosen because they are all true ‘NAViGO-style’ services, going above and beyond by actually providing services by staff that care and go that extra mile.

Ultimately, the services are delivered by people I am proud to have part of our family.

Keep this perspective in mind as you read this article and hold that thought in all you do today, tomorrow and in the future.”

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Mike Reeve, Director of Operations at NAViGO Health and Social Care CIC

Base | NAViGO House (HQ)

Speciality | Adult Acute Mental Health

Mike Reeve

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