Our Membership

As a Community Interest Company we have a voting membership. NAViGO is unique in that our service users, their carers and anyone with an interest in local mental health services can also join the membership and have the same rights as staff members.

What does the community membership do?

The NAViGO membership get to have their say on how our services are run. This can be done in a number of different ways:

  1. They elect four community membership representatives who sit on the NAViGO Membership Board. One of the four also sits on the CIC Board. Click here to see who they are.
  2. They get an equal vote to staff on key decisions including how we spend any surplus we generate.
  3. Shaping the future of our organisation: we want community member opinions on everything and anything to do with our services. This can be feedback via the representatives or directly to any member of the senior management team.

Everyone should be able to have a voice when it comes to the services we provide. We want to provide services in partnership with our users and the membership is the way in which we can do this. It is crucial that everyone who comes into contact with us is aware of the opportunity to join the membership, even if they choose not to participate.

Not only do people get a say in how our services are run, but they also receive a number of local benefits available exclusively to our members.

Once an application is approved, members will receive a welcome pack detailing these benefits along with a NAViGO pen, bag and badge.

A number of local benefits are also available to our community members.

Membership Board – monthly meeting

The first Thursday of each month is Membership Board – a meeting open to all members of NAViGO. Join us to find out a the latest news and developments from our services.

Upcoming dates can be found in our events calendar here

New Venue – The Business Hive, Dudley Street, Grimsby

Minutes and agendas can be obtained in advance by contacting Kaye Borrell

(01472) 583001

Your Voice@NAViGO– monthly meeting

The second and fourth Friday of each month at 11am is Your Voice@NAViGO – a meeting open to all members of NAViGO.

Upcoming dates can be found in our events calendar here

New Venue – The Floral Hall, People’s Park, Grimsby

Minutes and agendas can be obtained in advance by contacting Amy Quickfall

(01472) 583066

Simply fill in the straight forward application form which will then be sent to Membership Board for approval.

Download below or get in touch to request a hard copy.

(01472) 583053

NAViGO Objectives 2017/18

Each year NAViGO engages with its community members and staff to highlight key organisational objectives which are then built into team and individual staff personal development objectives and the organisational annual work plan. 

These are detailed below and provide an over-arching sense of direction for the organisation (2017-2018).

Communication and promotion
Service developments
Workforce and training
Membership, carers and volunteers

contact us

If you have any questions relating to the membership, please get in touch with either the Community Membership Representatives or Carol Bell, Corporate Affairs Assistant.

(01472) 583054