Acute, Crisis and Home Support

Acute mental health teams provide intensive support for people who are experiencing an acute, or a ‘crisis’, episode during their mental illness.

Our teams help people by giving support within our Lodges, your own home or the local community.

Acute, Crisis and Home Support

Our inpatient service is for working-age adults experiencing more severe or long-term mental illness.

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The Crisis Home Treatment Service works directly with people who are experiencing a severe mental health crisis and need immediate, urgent or emergency care and treatment in their home.

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The Personality Disorder Service helps people with complex mental health needs to address, understand and control self-defeating behaviour to create an improved quality of life and maintain independence.

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Systemic Family Therapy works with families to positively change and develop in order to build on family strengths and, ultimately, improve relationships.

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We have tried to encompass all of the services available on our website. However if you need more information about the help and support we offer, please feel free to contact us directly.

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