Adult Autism Service and ADHD

The Adult Autism Service is run by Care Plus Group, in conjunction with NAViGO, and is able to offer a specialist autism diagnostic assessment for people who think that they may have autism. 

This may take a number of appointments and we offer an additional session to let you know if we think you meet or don’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis.  The decision to give a diagnosis is taken by our multi-disciplinary team made up of different health professionals including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and others, and so is never made by just one person.

Once someone has a diagnosis of autism (with no learning difficulties), our team are able to offer the following to help you and those around you:

  • Support with the diagnosis. We will help the person understand autism and support them to identify the ways it affects their day-to-day life.
  • Walk the Walk. We will offer outreach and support in the local community to overcome anxiety, including travel training, supermarket training and overcoming sensory hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity.
  • Access local services. We will support the person to access mainstream services.
  • Emotional support. We will arrange regular one-to-one talking therapy sessions.
  • Support the supporter. We will offer information and support for those who are supporting you i.e. family members, partners etc
  • Service user-led groups. Forums and cafes are available for anyone with autism (with no LD) to attend, whether or not they are in receipt of support from the Adult Autism Service. Cafés are themed around special interests, while forums are used to discuss issues relevant to living with autism. Various groups are also on offer at Queen Street Centre, including Games Group, YuGiOh! and Film Club.

All support offered is person-centred and needs-led.


Our service provides a medication treatment service. We work closely with your GP and ask that they prescribe the medication for you.  We will talk to you at your appointments about what options are available to you and help you decide which treatment may be best for you.

Once started on a new treatment, we will see you regularly to make sure we get the right dose, keeping in touch with your GP to let them know of any changes.  Once you are stable on your medication, we will review you once a year at least, to make sure everything is still ok, and update your GP.


The Adult Autism Service operates an open referral system, meaning anyone can refer – including individuals themselves, families, supporters or professionals.

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