The Community Mental Health Service

The Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) offer adults a health and social care package created to an individual’s needs.

Our support is for those who have severe and/or enduring mental health and social care needs, who as a result may be in need of a complex range of services. As well as a care plan that is based around you, we will provide a community nurse or social worker to coordinate and support you and your family in the recovery process. The team do this through the care coordination process under the Care Programme Approach (CPA).


What services do we offer?

We offer a specialist whole person assessment that includes a mental and physical assessment. From that we will work with you to decide which treatments will work best for you. These could include:

  • Holistic Mental Health and Wellbeing Services whereby we offer an award winning WHISe package.

Wellbeing Health Improvement Service (WHISe) is a multi-award winning service that is offered to all those under CPA. You will receive a full holistic health check including blood pathology, urinalysis general physical health checks and full body analysis. We will also explore and discuss lifestyle choices and offer healthier alternatives.

We provide a full assessment and liaise closely with other health professionals in order to refer you to other services for support and/or treatment. The WHISe service is a nationally recognised service and works within the guidance set out by the National Audit of Schizophrenia, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, NICE and NHS England.

  • Social care such as commissioned care, personal budgets,
    direct payments and other adult social care funding
  • Psycho-Social Interventions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (CBT)
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Healthy weight management and dietetics
  • Carers assessments and support
  • Family behavioural therapy
  • Support with employment and Vocational needs
  • Psychology Services

HOW DO I ACCESS THE Community mental health teams?

Individuals can be referred to the Community Mental Health Service via the Single Point of Access (SPA) or by any healthcare professional. This includes your GP, care manager, community matron or district nurses.

A service user’s GP will always be contacted after a referral to the service.

Call: (01472) 256256 option 3 for mental health

We welcome referrals to our services from healthcare professionals and GPs via our Single Point of Access.

NAViGO Single Point of Access

(01472) 256 256 Option 3

Emails sent to this address will only be responded to within office hours, Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm. If you require immediate assistance, please use the phone number listed above.

Please note these contact details should only be used to make a referral to the service, if you would like to speak directly to someone from within the service, please use the contact details listed below.

Already accessing NAViGO Services?

If you are already accessing a service within NAViGO and need to speak with someone about your care and treatment, please contact either your Care Coordinator or Lead Professional for whom you should have been given contact details.

Alternatively, you can contact the wider team who provide your services. To find contact details for all the NAViGO services, please click here.

If you should require emergency assistance out of office hours, please contact Lincsline who can be reached from 5pm until 9am or 24 hours a day at weekends and Bank Holidays.

Lincsline: 0808 800 1010

New to NAViGO Services?

If you or a loved one require help and support for mental health issues, your first port of call should be your GP or other health care professionals who may refer you to one of our services.

Alternatively our Open Minds centres based in both Grimsby and Cleethorpes are open access to the general public:

Open Minds Grimsby:
7-9 Osborne Street
DN31 1EY

(01472) 625100- A voicemail can be left outside of office hours

Open Minds Cleethorpes:

13-15 Grimsby Road
DN35 7AQ
(01472) 252760 – A voicemail can be left outside of office hours

If you or a loved one are not already accessing our services and require emergency assistance for a mental health crisis, you can contact the NAViGO Single Point of Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Call: (01472) 256 256 Option 3


(Emails sent to this address will only be responded to within office hours, Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm. If you require immediate assistance, please use the phone number listed above.)

how do i contact the community mental health teams?

Community Mental Health Team

Weelsby View Health Centre
Ladysmith Road
DN32 9SW

(01472) 806800