Specialist Services

NAViGO offers a wide range of specialist services to support people in the local community and further afield.

specialist services

Assertive Outreach

Assertive Outreach is a specialist community team made up of nurses, social workers and assistant practitioners. We work with an identified group of service users over 18 who have severe and enduring mental health problems and currently do not effectively engage with mental health services.

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The Dual Diagnosis Service provides support and treatment for those who are living with a mental health illness as well as experiencing substance misuse or dependence.

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Early Prevention in Psychosis

The Early Intervention in Psychosis Team offer support to young people aged 14 to 35 who have, or may be experiencing, their first episode of psychosis.

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Medication and me

The NAViGO Pharmacy Service exists to proactively support staff, service users and carers in achieving safe and effective medication management.

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The Psychology Service has a primary role of providing high-quality assessment and formulation of service users’ psychological and mental health problems.

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Rehabilitation and Recovery

Springboard is our rehabilitation and recovery service for working age adults who are no longer in the acute phase of their illness, but require a period of support in order to progress towards socially-inclusive independent living.

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Our eating disorder service offers help and support to individuals aged 17 years and six months and older who are living with eating disorders.

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Targeted transcranial magnetic stimulation (tTMS) is a non-invasive, medically safe treatment to improve symptoms of depression.

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Tukes Employment and Training Scheme

Tukes provides training, skills development and work experience in real working environments for individuals who struggle to find work due to their mental health illness or learning disability.

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We have tried to encompass all of the services available on our website, however if you need more information about the help and support we offer, please feel free to contact us directly.