Service users paws treatment for pet therapy

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Service users paws treatment for pet therapy

A Noah’s Ark of animals regularly descends on NAViGO’s Harrison House as service users are given sessions of pet therapy.

NAViGO Health and Social Care work in partnership with the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education and set aside time for service users at our acute inpatient facilities to make some new furry friends.

Once a month, students from the Grimsby Institute accompany everything from rabbits and ferrets to tortoises and skunks to Harrison House, treating the activity as valuable work experience.

Lucy Dix, skills and employability trainer at the Grimsby Institute said: “The students are absolutely loving coming down and helping to make a difference within the community.

“Many of the service users love our rabbits because they feel so soft to touch. They really do feel so relaxing to handle and stroke whilst snuggled in your lap.

“The other animals may not be as cuddly, but they do open up a great conversation about the service users’ love for animals and any animals they have previously owned.”

Pet therapy has been proven to bring about many benefits, including decreasing feelings of isolation and encouraging communication.

It can also release endorphins that can produce a calming effect.

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Carolyn Adams, activities co-ordinator at Harrison House, said: “As a result of our amazing and burgeoning partnership with Grimsby Institute and University Centre, our service users are given the chance to play, hold, feed and pet the animals for therapeutic purposes and we’ve found this to be beneficial.

“We already have our therapy chickens Stu-Stu and Elanor on site, but the wealth of animals that Lucy and her team are able to offer provides range and variety.”

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