Staff benefits

Here at NAViGO, we consider our employees to be our most valuable resource. We recognise that a workforce that is well trained, feels valued and appreciated provides us with a strong foundation on which to build towards our organisational aim of providing award-winning mental health services we would be happy for our loved ones to receive. After all, without you, it would be impossible to provide the high quality of care to our service users for which we are renowned.

Explore these pages to discover how you can take advantage of a number of great benefits linked to your employment with NAViGO. From excellent contractual benefits to tax-free computers and discounted meals out, this benefits guide offers a range of advantages to suit everybody’s needs, as well as their desires.

Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. These benefits are our way of reminding you how highly we regard our staff.

NAViGO are always looking to improve, and this does not rest at the services we provide to our service users. If you have suggestions as to how we might develop our staff and community benefits scheme, please get in touch with our workforce team.

Telephone: (01472) 583036

Great news: If you are a substantive employee of NAViGO there are a range of fantastic benefits you are entitled to access simply by working for the organisation.

This section provides a summary of those benefits available to NAViGO employees at an additional cost. These benefits are available to all employees, subject to eligibility.

If you chose to join the NAViGO Membership, along with taking ownership of the organisation there are a range of additional benefits which will become available to you.