Community and Staff Representatives

Community Representatives

As a Community Interest Company we have a voting membership. NAViGO is unique in that our service users, their carers and anyone with an interest in local mental health services can also join the membership and have the same rights as staff members.

The NAViGO membership get to have their say on how our services are run. This can be done in a number of different ways:

  1. They elect four community membership representatives who sit on the NAViGO Membership Board. One of the four also sits on the CIC Board.
  2. They get an equal vote to staff on key decisions including how we spend any surplus we generate.
  3. Shaping the future of our organisation – we want community member opinions on everything and anything to do with our services. This can be feedback via the representatives or directly to any member of the senior management team.

your community representatives

Julie Salt

Appointed Non-Executive Director

Marie Fitzgerald

John Tucker

Lucinda Parrish

Staff Representatives

The role of Staff Representatives is shaped by the individuals in post; with the main target of ensuring the voice of staff members is heard when it comes to the development of our services.

They can be involved in many different ways but the minimum requirements are:

  • Regularly attend the Membership Board on a monthly basis and feedback to the wider membership. This takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month.
  • Regularly attend joint rep meetings on a monthly basis
  • Contribute to community newsletter (published throughout the year)
  • Canvas members views and opinions and feed this back
  • Act as a first point of contact for people wanting to get involved with our membership.
  • As a group, take an active part in 2 membership sessions per year to contribute to the setting of annual objectives for NAViGO.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Promote NAViGO and attend at least one promotional event throughout the year
  • Be contactable by members in person, via the telephone and via a shared email account

your staff representatives

Richard Melling
Appointed Non-Executive Director

Kelly Moore

Annie Darby

Claire Withers