2018/01/02 00:00:00

From 2 January 2018 all NAViGO premises, including in-patient gardens and courtyards will become Smokefree, meaning service users, staff and visitors will no longer be able to smoke tobacco on any NAViGO premises.

The decision comes following the publication of NICE recommendations and guidelines, which require all mental health providers to become smokefree. The recommendations also highlight high smoking rates and lower life expectancy rates amongst those living with mental health problems. We have a duty of care to our service users and by going smokefree we aim to significantly increase the physical and mental health of our service user’s as well as their life expectancy.

A number of our staff are trained to provide advice, guidance and support in nicotine management. Should you wish to find out more please speak to your care provider.

For more information see the Smokefree literature and resources library.

You may have a number of questions about why we are Smokefree and what this will mean for you.